Bite Me!

yesterday was a national holiday. I went out for a very long coffee with a friend and The Man was taking the chicklets to a big park, but the roads were jammed, so he nixed it and took them over to the Out-Laws. ( mine not his).

The kids went to grandad’s allotment and dug up sweet potatoes. They came back with quite a haul, way more than we can eat, so they took some to Tanaka San and some to our friends nearby and came bacl with a huge bag of rice, so everyone scored today.

They also came back with a gazillion bites on their legs. At last count Jim has 66 and Doris is the winner with 81, they are large and red and itchy and vile, and I shall have to buy more Muhi.
Kev was untouched by whatever it was that bit the other two, but wouldn’t you know it, he got bitten by a small mukade. It must have been in his T-shirt. It looked very painful, swollen and red, but thank goodness it was a teeny-tiny mukade that bit him, not a full sized one.
There was much discussion about whether or not one mukade bite trumps 81 flea bites. The jury is still out on that one.

2 thoughts on “Bite Me!

  1. man, what a coincidence!!! on sunday, kai got in a tree to dig out a badminton birdy and came in all itchy and we pulled his clothes off and threw him into (yesterday’s cold) bathwater. I showered him and poured in a bunch of baking powder… he came out with raised welt like marks all over his torso , neck, arms… something poisonous on the tree but probably not direct contact with a bug.. maybe bug residue??

    anyway, I was afraid it was going to flare up and get bad and we would have to rush to the emergency room, but they subsided and by morning were little red dots.

    it’s an itchy damn country in the fall.

  2. Never having 81 flea or mosquito bites at once nor being bitten by a mukade I have no idea which would hurt more- but they both sound terrible.
    One of my students was gardening and she got mukade poison all over her just like Kai. She was miserable.
    I’m staying out of the garden for a little longer…

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