The Evil of Youtube.

Once upon a time, before Youtube and Google, I had a life, I am sure I did.
I can’t quite remember what it was like but I do know I somehow managed to fill my days, I didn’t feel something was missing, didn’t feel if only I could watch video clips of vital TV show episodes I missed, I just accepted I missed them, and soldiered on.

It’s all changed now hasn’t it. The other night I was watching The West Wing, we are on Season 5 right now. Of course I know that the wonderful John Spencer died while he was still on the show but I have never seen his death in the show, often wondered how they did it. Then suddenly it dawned on me that maybe I could plug in ‘Leo McGarry Dies’ and get a clip on youtube.
How right I was, so after watching the relevent clip about 12 times I could then watch ‘Tribute To John Spencer’ 12 times and so amny other related clips, before I knew it several hours had past and I was a sobbing gibbering wreck.
Of course I told my friend all about it the next day, and she mentioned that she had plugged in the name of a song that she had heard sung on a TV show, and youtube spewed forth many many versions of the song.
Watching them all and hopping from link to link it transpires that that particular song is very popular with lesbians. which then led my friend to check out all the music on her shelves and find out exactly how much of her music was popular with lesbians. There is simply NO END to what you can do/find/see.
My conversation with said friend had me promising to check out a certain song and her promising to check out the Cadbury’s Gorilla ad.
How do we fit all this in, we are busy busy women. Something has to give.

6 thoughts on “The Evil of Youtube.

  1. What sad sacks we are, you absolutely have to come, we can while away the hours youtubing together.
    Don’t tell anyone but I watch Steve Erwin’s funeral on youtube and I cried when they sang ‘True Blue’, I’m not even freakin Autralian.

    Is it Paula’s anniversary or something?

  2. No, no anniversary I am just a saddo..but she was so beautiful…and feisty..and it was such a waste…( and i have never gotten over seeing her buy carrots in Pateley Bridge with Bob Geldof and Janet Street Porter when i was 12) …ah but did you try to find Steve Erwins ‘death by sting ray’ video on Youtube…Me and my mate did …but like you say shhhh dont tell anyone because that is sad and sick…..( Simon wouldnt let me watch the funeral )

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