Sports Day 2008.

I LOVE sports day, I really do. I used to hate it but it has grown on me and I have come to look forward to it.
This year I was especially excited because it was Doris’ last as we know it. Next year she’ll be in Junior High and it is just not the same.
Also this year all Doris’ dreams of came true, ( except maybe the one about getting a racing bike for her birthday), she was the dancho, which is kind of like team captain, something she has wanted since she was in 3rd grade. We still have no idea where she got the sporty gene from.
The day dawned fine but not too hot and the ground had dried out somewhat from the previous day’s deluge.

I will admit to a lump in my throat when Doris came out at the opening carrying the flag for the white team.

The opening extravaganza was the usual, 700 kids precision timed and choreographed, a little too North Korea for me but you’ve got to hand it to the teachers that they can get this many kids to do what they are supposed to , when they are supposed to. I can’t get them to stop eating with their hands.

Kevin’s class did a kind of Okinawan dance with spangles on sticks, maybe you have to have been there, but it was very impressive and I had a great view of Kev as he was on the front row.
Jim’s 2nd grade class and the first grade combined with dance and movement to a medley of popular anime theme songs. Each group wore a coloured kerchief/bandana. the kids could wear them anyway they chose. All I will say is, no more ‘ Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ for Jim.
I would post a picture but unfortuntely they were all damaged in a warehouse fire in 1972.

Lunch, The Man and I combined our talents and produced a fab bento, we were stuffed to the gills and ready for a quick nap by 1.30.

Grandma and Grandad came too and cheered them on and a couple of good friends popped by too and made the kids’ day.

The Man and I had volunteered, rather I should say, I volunteered The Man and I to roll a huge ball around a couple of flags for the PTA team, we like to try and DO stuff together when we can, ‘date’ once in a while, spend a little quality time together, so that’s us for this year.

Doris led her teams cheers with her usual 150 percent effort, she was fabulous with her whistle and her battle cries. Sadly none of it was enough to secure a victory for the white team, but an excellent day.
It just wont be the same next year.

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