Just A Week.

Much like any other. Nothing exciting to share with the masses. I am now officially confused about Sarah Palin and Tina Fey, which is which?
Wordpress is behaving badly, I can’t always get into my own blog never mind anyone elses. Friend’s blogs with wordpress often wont open for me or go black and freeze my screen for 20 minutes.
It’s probably a good thing, time to get off the computer and get active.
My friend and I have started taking long morning walks to shift those motoriously post 40 difficult-to-shift pounds clinging to my hips.
not sure it is working yet but it really does feel good to have a long walk by 9a.m. giving me enough energy to get through an entire day of catching up on TV and surfing the net and checking my BMI.

I lie, work is busy and demanding and I am planning new classes and events that I have to get my head round.
One noteworthy event, I met up with an old friend who left Japan a couple of years ago, she had her gorgeous new baby with her and we could catch up like she’d never left.

The chicklets have all been in fine mode. The cool evening weather has them outside playing till darkness descends. A class open day revealed that young Kev at school and young Kev at home are indeed two entirely different people, and if ‘school Kev’ could come home my life would be changed.

The Game Of Life, called The Jinsei Game here is enjoying a sudden resurgence in popularity in the home. Can’t stand it personally, boring boring and it takes forever, more card games I say, but you have to go where the action is so Jinsei game it is.
Oh good it’s Sunday, we can probably squeeze in quite a few games before LOST starts.

Sunshine was called upon to make life defining decisions. She had to chose which subjects she wants to take for the next two years in high school. It is a good idea to hone in on subjects you like and do well at, but you can’t actually drop the subjects you hate, you just do more of the ones you chose. That and the constant pressure to make ‘the right decision’, to not chose relevent subjects now, apparently means you can’t ever ever take them, you cannot veer from the chosen path as of October 10th. Drives me nuts! She is 16. Who knows what they want to do when they are 16?
My chosen subjects at 16 were pinball, fags and boys, in any order.

The course she is on requires she chooses a third language and a science, so she chose Spanish and biology.

Halloween is coming up costumes will need to be fashioned, hopefully last year’s recycled, and I am going to Tokyo at the end of the month to see my FAB friend.
Scraping the barrel aren’t I.

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