Breaking Down.

Everything is breaking down around the house.
Last week the dryer went on the blink, then my ipod went squiffy wont sit in the dock properly unless I stick a thick piece of paper in the back, then when I tried to
update my podcasts it said I can’t do that unless I download a new version of itunes, which I can’t do because my computer tells me I have only 3mb of hard disk space available now. I can’t delete any programmes cos Uncle Brick takes care of my computer and I don’t know what anything does and he is in Qatar and so unavailable to sort out my messes.
THEN, yesterday the HD recorder went on the blink, which means on Monday nights I will have to stay up till midnight to watch ER, when generally speaking I am asleep, drooling on the sofa by 10.
Then the lead which connects to my ipod dock went funny, it’ll work sometimes if you jiggle it about a bit. I went to buy a new one but the leccy shop said they don’t sell them I will have to go to the maker.
I was able to buy a pink silicone cover for the ipod though as the price has been drastically reduced recently.
It hasn’t solved any of the appliance problems I am having but my ‘new’ pink ipod looks great.
And in case you haven’t notice my keyboard is very temperamental.

I will take this moment to point out that The Man’s job is infact electrical repairs. This is what he does for a living, this is how we feed and clothe all the chicks,
this is what keeps us in our extravangant lifestyle…
I said…
” The HD recorder isn’t working”
He said
“Why not?”
I said
“I don’t know, it won’t switch on, we can’t even open the dvd door to get the disk out. Nothing”
He said
” Did you try switching it on and off at the mains a few times?”
I said
‘I did, indeed, many many many times in fact” ( He taught me well)
He pressed some buttons, fiddled with the remote, turned it on and off at the mains, and said,
” It’s broken”.
Mmm, that’s what I thought.

Instead of spending a wonderful day spreading cash around buying new appliances we have to go to the neighbourhood BBQ, with lots of people we don’t know, and don’t really care to know too well cos we all live too closely together.
Something about fences and neighbours springs to mind.

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