Not A Jogger/ Finding Your Dream

I am not a jogger, I never thought I was but it was confirmed for me this morning while I was on my morning walk with my friend.
On the way back she was ‘caught short’, real short, she said she was in a ‘Charlotte’ situation, and no one wants to be running around the neighbourhood in soiled trews, so we ran to the nearest available house, which was mine.
From where we were it was all uphill, including a flight of 177 steps, (we have counted them before), then up a short, but Sutton Bank-esque incline, to the safety of my humble toilet.
She made it in time, I collapsed on the hall floor panting like a racehorse.
Causing even Kev to be concerned about me.

Somewhere at the back of my mind was a plan to perhaps do the Eco Challenge one day, you know the one where they run marathons over mountains in Patagonia, and do 50 KM bike treks in the pouring rain etc. I started preparing for it several years ago by buying a Nike sports bra. Then after driving 10kms, to get an idea of the distance ( in my Nike sports bra), I realised it was just TOO FAR, and I gave up the dream and thought perhaps I would try for a simple half marathon or something.
Today’s ‘run’ has got me thinking about maybe a quarter marathon or even an eighth.
New Year’s Resolutions will be on us before we know it, must be prepared.

4 thoughts on “Not A Jogger/ Finding Your Dream

  1. You want to do that Eco Challenge thing?


    I am not sure we can be friends anymore. First the whole HSM and Taylor Hicks things and now THIS? LOL!

  2. First off Miss y, I will have you know I deleted ALL my AI from my HD. All of it, even Bucky, yes even Bucky, even accidentally Jon Bon Jovi singing Let’s Make a Memory.

    Second, we would be a team babe, an ECO challenge team.
    Four to a team, I say we get Dar and JaninNagasaki on too.
    It will be my job to talk people into the task.
    Your job to shout at them when they ignore me
    Jan can knit the tents/bikes/food etc
    Dar can carry the wine.

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