Going for lunch today with an old friend who is a Big Mac fan, not the horrible burger flipping corporate crap Big Macs, more the Mac Vs Windows type fan, so hopefully he can clarify some things for me and point me in the right direction.

The chicklets were out the door on time, all in happy moods, Kev has been fab recently maybe he is over his 9 year ‘difficult’ stage.
Fingers X’d.

5 thoughts on “MacChoices

  1. i bet they say Mac’s are fab, PC’s are rubbish. I say Mac’s are bloody expensive and PC’s do just the same job unless you are creating graphics, or working with digital photography…in which case get a mac..if you are just iternet browsing, or working primarily in text documents then a PC with a Core 2 Duo Processor with 1.86GH or above just as good and better value for money !

    …oh but mac’s are mucn more beautiful…

  2. I only understood the first half ,the technospeke gets me honey, I can’t do it.

    Which is best for YOUTUBE?

    Yes he said Macs are fab, I am conflicted?? BUT I am getting involved with an online graphics project thingummy, and he reckons I can get a mac for the same price I was going to pay for a pc????

  3. If you are thinking about online graphics then i would go mac, the designers we work with, and our creative bloke swear by them for quality of graphics and ease of process.

    Your mate is right that you can get a mac for the same price as a PC..but it wont be a ‘like for like’ specification – they will have different processing capacities ( how fast they are and how much they can do at the same time) . …they do the same job but just offer different experiences..the PC will be fast..the mac will give great quality graphics…and if you want both of those things you are looking at a high spec mac and a lot of money

    You can get a PC that is fast fast fast in terms of speed and how many things it can handle at the same time, for the same price as a mac that is adequate in terms of speed and handling capabilities….but the price is the same…

    But i’ve found that once people start saying ” i’m thinking about getting a mac” they spend time trying to justify the cost …but dont rest til they have one…….:)

  4. Withering? Where are you getting all your technoknowhow?
    This is not the rice and ketchup eating woman I once knew 😉
    I don’t know what I want, I just want a laptop that works smoothly, quickly, and without me having to phone Uncle Brick every 5 minutes to sort me out.
    On second thoughts what I need is a technogeek lover, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons;)

  5. Just Tuesdays and Thursdays…took me Tues, Thurs and Fridays before i got all of the knowledge out of mine that i needed …and just wait till you hear me talk dirty databases 😉

    Get a bloody mac woman x

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