Shoot me now!

After spending lunchtime at the neighbourhood BBQ, which about 50 people attended, and two women with small children and myself were the only people under the age of 80, I wandered home stuffed to the gilld and contemplated my ‘To Do’ list.
It inspired me to grab a blanket and lie down on the sofa just in time for, ‘Ghost Whisperer’ episodes 1-7, catch -up.
I had never seen it, didn’t interest me cos JLoveH drove me nuts in Party Of Five,
but I forced myself to watch it, ( that or reruns of 24 Season 1 in Japanese!!).
I thought I would watch one and then get back to my list. 7 hours later I was still there, cried at every episode, utter crappy sentimental shit that it is.
I feel like I reached a new low, Tv wise.

5 thoughts on “Shoot me now!

  1. I can’t bring myself to watch that show due to the JLoveH factor too. Your review of it has reassured me that I have made the right decision. You know her “I know what you did last summer” crap. Everytime I stumble upon those movies I keep hoping the guy will kill her in it.

  2. DHW? Desperate Housewives I presume. I LOVE that show. It is my favorite.

    I might be able to get my hands on all FOUR seasons of it for you if I felt motivated. Have your people call my people!

  3. I’ve never watched “What you did last summer” or “Pof5” so watching GW was no problem for me. I cry every episode and I love JLH’s hair. But I sometimes think that if I was still in the US I would never be watching shows like that.

  4. i sat through the last half of air wolf yesterday. I just wanted something on while I sat and stitched. Young Brandon from 90210 was on….. what a really lame lame show….

    which is worse… air wolf or texas ranger or ghost whisperer

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