Scientist doctors have perfected a revolutionary technique made famous in the John Travolta/ Nick Cage film, whereby they transplant faces.
They have crept into my house in the dead of night and performed this proceedure on my two young sons.
Suddenly Jim, previously Mr Happy, sunshine of my life, walnut on my whip has turned into a total PITA, and Kev, young Kev there is sweetness and light.
Kev, is cuddling me.
Kev is saying ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’.
Kev is smiling, he actually looks, dare I say it…HAPPY….much of the time.
Young Jim, has turned into a foot stamping, “No! No! No!’ monster, blaming everyone and everything, the world and the Universe for his pathetic, neglected miserable existence.
I like it!!!
Obnoxious Jim is much easier than obnoxious Kev.
If those scientists ever come back I think I will hold the reversal and maybe book myself in, mmm, who could I become???

5 thoughts on “Face/Off

  1. you know how they say that women who live together have their monthly cycles coordinate with each other? I am convinced kids have a similar biological mechanism. In a multi child household there must always be at least one kid being an obnoxious PITA so that parents can never have a single moment of true peace and happiness, not even a darn minute of quiet!

    Glad to hear the new arrangement is working out for you though.

  2. I think you’re right.
    The other day Jim refused to come in the supermarket with me, said he would wait in the car, said and I quote, ” I could do with a break from you right now”, wherever did he learn such a phrase??LOL

  3. i watched that face off movie about five times on a plane ride once…fascinating.
    would you consider doing it with me or were you thinking along the lines of say…angelina j?

  4. My first thought was along the Angelina lines, but you know ya don’t get to swap lives?? Just faces, No guarantees that brad is coming too.
    I would be thrilled to swap with you if I can have that 60s hair you were rocking, I am honoured you would consider it.
    Also I was recntly re reading a couple of books by guys who were held hostage for years in Lebanon and I thought that you would be my first choice in a co-hostage situation.

  5. god that is just so sweet. no one has ever complimented me in such a ….unique way.
    i’d love to be held hostage with you too.
    we’d kill ’em with wit / laughter!

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