Sickness, Dis-ease and Pestilence.

I have a shiteous cold and there is not an ounce of tea or sympathy to be had around here.
The scientists came back and restored the boys’faces to their rightful owners, and no school today, just Kev, Kev, Kev, all day long!!
I want a big bowl of miso soup, but looks like I might have to make it myself.

On a brighter note, Uncle Brick is back with a new laptop for me!! Yay. It is not a Mac so there ends the dilemma, but thanks for all your imput Withering, it was very helpful, and I can cancel that tawdry, messy afternoon lover-boy business now, thank goodness.

Got a big glass of hot lemon here, think I will take myself back to bed and snuggle up with my brilliant Tim Winton book, conserving my energy for work this afternoon.
Anyone in the area who wants to pop in with miso soup or a big can of Heinz Tomato Soup or twiglets or calves foot jelly or twiglets or anything, please do!
The door’s not locked.

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