Morning Joy.

So my friend and I are still doing our morning walks, this is week three. It is surprisingly enjoyable. I thought it would soon become a chore and I would see it as a waste of time, valuable time that could be spent watching The Shield which AXN is so kindly re-running right from the beginning of season 1, through to the end of season 6. This time I might actually find out what happened to Asaveda.
So anyhoo, we are walking and enjoying and talking and breathing in the crisp autumn air and admiring the leaves turning red on the mountain and all is pleasant in my world.
After I got back yesterday I had to dash out for a quick coffee with a friend.
Afterwards, I was walking back up the hill and I bumped into the old lady who lives at the top of my road.
She expressed surprise that I was walking, which she does every time she sees me walking up the hill, which is on my way home from work every Monday, wednesday and Thursday.
She said, ‘what a surprise, you are walking.”
” Indeed I am” said I, ” I want the exercise”
She said, ” you should, you’re getting fat”.

Good to know, thanks for pointing that out, have a nice day.

3 thoughts on “Morning Joy.

  1. lol…thats brilliant.dont you love people with a nerve like that, and how i wish i had that nerve …you dont know if to laugh or cry.

    … reminds me of someone who once said to me ” you know Amanda you could be quite pretty if you just made an effort” …..and a woman who said ..when trying to describe someone else..”she has funny teeth like you..”

    as you say..thank you..feel much better now….

  2. was that woman talking about me? LOL.

    One of my faves, was the woman who said, ‘your song is awful, you are ruining the show. I don’t know why chris cast you.”

    Oh wow, the good stuff sticks with you a while doesn’t it?? LOL.

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