Pumpkin Heads and Strips of Cloth.

How I love a free day.
Morning walk, then blitz my house, then shopping for food for tomorrow.
Tomorrow we are having a get together for friends from an online group, a couple of whom I have met before, the rest not, I have only their online personas and fake names to go on. Should be interesting.
I have met quite a lot of the women from this group IRL and they are seriously fabulous.

Also tomorrow the chicklets are doing a small spot of trick or treating. It’s a day early but Friday we have Tai Kwon Dou. The boys decided ages ago that they would go as mummys, so thats easy, got a bag full of old white fabric just waiting to be torn up. Doris finally decided this morning that she wants to go as a Jack O Lantern, just her head and the rest of her in black, preferably with a black cloak.
I mentioned a absence of black cloaks in the house and she agreed that my old black uniqlo sweatshirt tied around her shoulders would do. Now there is just that iffy part about creating a huge pumpkin head I’ve got to get my head around.
Photos may or may not follow, lets see how thing pan out shall we?

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