Tokyo Here We Come.

Kev and me are off to Tokyo today. He has been on his best behaviour for a couple of days.
I have been planning to go this weekend for months, then due to recent developments I suddenly decided to take Kev with me. I didn’t mention it to him until a couple of days ago, giving the other kids less time to moan about how unfair life is and how kev gets everything and they get nothing, and of course, less time for Kev to gloat!!
I have his DS in my bag and the last three books in The Magic Tree house series, so I anticipate great joy form the boy.
My aim is to go to Tokyo and have a fabulous time hanging out with my son, my friend and her kids, and also getting to see the palatial new house she has just had built.
Also heard last night that another friend will be hooking up with us for lunch today so I know there’ll be laffs a-plenty.
Kev’s aim is to eat ramen. That is pretty much all he ever wants these days.
We are flying both ways, which will be exciting enough for him and a short enough trip for me that my head wont explode.
Am in a quandry about what book to take. I am in 2 right now. One is a hopeful and uplifting spiritual Law of Attraction one and the other is stories from Rwanda?

3 thoughts on “Tokyo Here We Come.

  1. Sorry I couldn’t join you. Aside from being sick, I didn’t want to make you and our other friend accessories to any of my contemplated criminal activities.

  2. Ditoh, thanks for those words.
    I must admit Kev was not TOO shabby.
    I just figured out the foto thing, gawd I am an idiot, you wont believe the mistake I was making.
    Will post ice and bikes today.

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