It’s that time of the year again… each class has a different actvity meticulously planned by the PTA and supervised by all we mothers who have nothing better to do on cold rainy Saturday than go and stand in a cold classroom and supervise.
In Kev’s class we’ll be making crocodiles with snapping jaws from old milk cartons, Jim’s we are painting stones and oh what fun, in Doris’ class there will be a shouting contest, groups of six kids at a time will shout as loud as they can???
I will take prophylactic Tylenol.
Back at lunchtime to forage a nutricious meal for the chicklets and then off to work.
For THAT, they get a day off school on Monday.

2 thoughts on “WAKU WAKU KIDS

  1. maybe they get a monday off so that the teachers can have a week day for stuff to get done….

    i find that projects here designed by some folks are not always very well thought out and require many many tedious details… I often find myself thinking about how much more efficiently I could have designed it. They so need me to be on the committees….

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