Misbehaving Toilets.

Yesterday the weather was spectacular, a warm sunny day.
Had loads to do, bank, post office etc plus the toilet at my school was misbehaving.
For some reason I cannot fathom I decided I would fix the toilet myself.
Why would I think I could do that? I have no plumbing experience, I was not raised in a house full of plumbers, I did not do plumbing a Youth Opportunity Scheme back in the early eighties.
I was just on one of those, ‘I can do anything’ rolls and thought it would be easy.
My nearest connection to plumbing in any way shape or form is my cousin used to be married to a plumber.
So I went down there and I got the lid off and I fannied about inside the cistern a bit and I pulled something and then the water started coming out and then I had to stop it at the mains and now I have to phone an actual plumber, someone who does know how to fix plumbing problems.
Still that will be a first. In 18 years in Japan I have never had to call in a plumber before so it still counts as a productive day.

That aside it was a great day, all my dealings went well, work was great. I had two chicklets home with mild fevers and sore throats
and I caught two hitherto unseen episodes of Cold Case, still in love with Lily Rush, cooked three different dinners to cater to sick peoples preferences, had a hot bath and went to bed at half past 9.

Now here I am chomping at the bit with a brand new day, well rested,
off to the primary school to be a human cd player, lunch with friends,
call aforementioned plumber, it’s all good!

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