A Week Off.

I have two classes tomorrow then a whole week off. I can’t wait. I do love my job but having a big block of free time is the best. Loads to do organising the house for winter. Non Japan readers should be aware that J winters are cold, where we live, not as cold as say the North of England, but cold is cold right? I don’t bother myself with exact temps, and the houses are not designed for cold weather. We have no double glazing, no loft insulation, no central heating. I am loathe to use my lovely kerosene stove because occasionally it spits out black smoke and we had all the kitchen redecorated? Am mulling our heating options.
On Wednesday I am off to Kyobashi to meet a friend.We’ll have lunch and maybe do a little Chrissy shopping.
We honeymooned in Kyobashi, that would be the DH and I , not the friend and I, we ate long leisurely breakfasts and went to the cinema to watch that wonderful romantic comedy CAPE FEAR. We have been married almost 17 years. How can that be, I must have been a child bride.
Other plans include bulb planting, the bulbs have been sitting in the genkan for a week, catching up on The Shield, I have ten episodes taped that I ahve yet to see and making a list of books I want for Xmas, all suggestions on that front welcome.

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