Ballpark Baking.

I don’t bake, I don’t do cakes, I don’t whip up a batch of cookies on a whim during the tv commercials. Doesn’t interest me, probably because I don’t really eat cake or cookies, there isn’t anything in it for me, you know, so why would I?
I can and have been known to do the Xmas cookie bit for the neighbours, and to whip up a sponge cake for a birthday, but my heart isn’t in it. I wont be tasting the product of my labours so can’t quite
get excited about it.
So I see on my friend;s blog a picture of these huge muffin type things that look good and I want to make some kind of muffin/cupcake/faircake type thing for a class of little girls on Monday morning, who are celebrating one year of fun, action packed learning with me.
The plan is to make some little cake thingys and get them to ice their initial on the top as they have just started writing.
So I call my friend, who I will name Jocqui and said ‘ hey, about them muffin thingys, were they easy to make?’ she says ‘ oh yeah, easy peasy lemon squeezy ‘. I say ‘ easy peasy for you or easy peasy for me’ and she HESITATED.
I said ‘ YOU HESITATED, you think they are too hard for me don’t you?’
she said, ( I smelt back pedalling ) ‘ just you have to be careful with them, you can’t over mix or you end up with a mess’.
So I said ‘ what’s easy, I just need a simple fairycake/cupcake type thing to make for a class.’,
She said, ‘ Do you want a recipe?’
I said ‘ No! I just about the eggs and sugar etc, just give me a ball park figure.’
I think she nearly spat down the phone here.
She said ‘ BALLPARK FIGURE, there is no ballpark figure in baking, it’s an exact science!’
I did not know that, I always go with ‘ about this much’ and ‘about that much’ in all cooking endeavours.

So yesterday to practice for the big fairycake making yesterday I noticed a bag of soft bananas and thought YES, banana cake, I have a recipe for the greatest banana cake ever from my friend Carol Z, unfortunately, the book it is in has never resurfaced post renno, so I had to try and remember it from the last time I made it, ( I was pregnant with Doris at the time so 12 years ago).
Sadly I do not have pictures to share but possibly Jocqui is right and baking is an exact science.
Have to go clean out my oven now.

3 thoughts on “Ballpark Baking.

  1. Come and bake with me and I will show you ballpark figures. I rarely measure-I guess that’s why I’m not good at sewing. I don’t like to use patterns or pins either-which works well with baking but not for sewing!

  2. I’ll have to give this Jonquil or whoever she is a call and have a word. How dare she imply that YOU – super mum – might have trouble with some easy peasy muffins!


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