But You’re From England.

It has started, as I knew it would, no I am not clairvioyant, though I like to think I am.
There was sudden drop in temp here, this week it turned very cold for the time of year, really three sweaters and a coat cold, gloves and a woolly hat cold, ignore husband and put on heaters cold.
I hate the cold. I love the winter lifestyle, winter food, stove-top cooking, everyone home etc. I just can’t stand the cold.
When I say I don’t like the cold, people always say to me…’but you’re from England’ thinking that memories of living in the North of England, trudging to school in the wind and the sleet on sub zero days, feet like ice blocks, would invoke fond feelings. As though being cold here would make me smile at the memory of running around a netball court in a tiny skirt and an airtex top when I had lost all feelings in my extremeties. It really doesn’t. I have nothing but contempt for the cold, I don’t care if we spend the entire year’s combined salaries on heating the home, I don’t like the cold, I hate being cold, I am contemplating the granny underwear for this year. Clearly I am a poor excuse for an English person, I am supposed to love the cold, thrive and grow and celebrate it, but I don’t.
I don’t drink tea either.

3 thoughts on “But You’re From England.

  1. yes, and growing up in Alaska didn’t help either. at least there the people build decent houses with proper insulation.

    oh and we kill baby seals and wolverines to keep our feet warm!!! (with soft bunny liners)

  2. buffalo, ny is cold too.
    but there are a few good things about life in kolkata.

    japanese people seem to use the cold to show how strong they are morally and physically. would you agree? all those children of the wind…blowing about over there. think i should come during the sakura season. me and my birkensocks (loved that one…refer to old posts)

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