The Charming Man.

To be honest, not good, not worth the price of and certainly not worth the arm strain of carting around such a huge tome.
Too long, too messy, too disjointed. Interesting topics, domestic violence, alcoholism, powerlessness, addictions etc, but ultimately too messy to read.
It;s written through four womens’ stories, leading to the man they were all addicted to.
This is too frustrating to read, cos as you finish one woman’s segment you want to know what happens to her next rather than what happens to another player.
My friend Jocqui suggested I just skip ahead to the next segment of the same character, which I did and that kind of tied up the story nicely and I didn’t need to bother with the other 500 pages.
Way too heavy, ( physically) to read in bed without getting a wrist injury.

The be all and end all fiction on domestic violence remains Roddy Doyle.

3 thoughts on “The Charming Man.

  1. i think i can wait. i’ve waited this long, 42 years. some of those years, however, the book was probably not available….

    maybe i’ll go rustle up a little domest….nevermind

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