What’s In A Name?

So we go to the new hospital and we can see our most favourite pediatrician ever, Dr High Circle. Dr Takamaru in Japanese.
For the first time ever I saw his name in big letters outside the examining room.
There are two kanji. One meaning HIGH or EXPENSIVE, the other meaning CIRCLE.
Now I don’t want to come across as critical of another country’s language or writing system or anything. I can totally see the need to have to come up with a symbol to mean, for example, ‘moved’ or ‘meeting’ or ‘station’.
But why the kanji for circle, why come up with a convoluted character to show a circle, why not just draw a circle, instantly universally recognisable, easy to draw, easy to read, easy to understand.
Why not just draw a circle? I’m just saying……

6 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. LMAO exactly!! And am I the only person who thinks the kanji for close that you see in the lifts looks just like two open doors with someone stepping out. Every time I still have to think ‘ okay it’s the opposite of what I think it should be’ by which time some granny in the back has pressed the button.

  2. yes. me too. i wonder if this is common among FLIP (foreigners living in japan). do you think we have a case (let me ask you to your face) — should we start circulating a petition to have this kanji, in particular, changed?

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