Beyond Pathetic

Like it isn’t bad enough with the knitting and the hot water bottle.
I had an earache on Wednesday so when I took Jim for his weekly visit to the ENT I thought I would get it checked out.
It wasn’t really bad, and I am sure the Doc thinks I am a total wuss, but a few years ago I had what I was told was ‘kabi’ ( mold) in my ear and I was in agony, I could barely fucntion for a week , so the slightest twinge has me in total recall and I get it checked out.
So anyhoo, I go, he says it’s a bit red far deep in the recesses, puts some drops in and tells me to come back today.
So I did, I went back at 7.30 pm. Jim and Doris were at Tae Kwon Dou, Sunshine was home with Kev, so off I went , on my own, out into the town on a Friday night.
Now here is the pathetic part. I LOOKED FORWARD TO IT ALL DAY!!
I couldn’t bloody wait. I knew I would get to sit in the nice warm waiting room, and then I would get to lie on the bed for fifteen minutes while the drops dropped. It was bliss! I took my book with me, a damn fine Deborah Moggach, ‘Final Demand’. It was lovely, the nurses talked to me one at a time instead of all at once, everyone said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘ I hope it’s better soon’ . I think I love them.

4 thoughts on “Beyond Pathetic

  1. I had the same thing.. you are not a wuss…. it is the most uncomfortable ever… I was told I always had it but stress from work and me tearing at it…. inflamed the bloody thing… Did they give you meds?

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