More Non-Martha tips to Keeping A Clean House.

I got this fresh in hot off the press from Jan in Nagasaki, if like us, you are blessed with males in the house who can’t shoot straight to save their lives, you’ll appreciate the problem of pee on the floor.
Now the lovely Jan came up with a fabulous idea for cleaning the loo properly and the floor. She said put old towels around the toilet and pour boiling water over the loo, that’ll clean the loo up all sparkly AND the towels will soak up the hot water and ‘whatever is on the floor’. Easy peasy.
Thank you Jan, your advice as always is much appreciated. Now having done this I can add to it.I can take it a step further, more wisdom for the dollar.
Now, I have two kettle, the usual one and I also have a big 2 litre one that iI use exclusively for making chai.
If you are in the same situation, blessed with an abundance of kettles, then listen carefully!
I went with the big one, more water, better I thought. I thought wrong. Less is better, better still is no tea leaves.
Go with your regular water boiling vessel unless you want to spend so much time cleaning wet tea leaves off the toilet floor you barely have time to blog.

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