Oh Falalalala!

Despite my own best efforts I am getting into the Christmas spirit, the mood that is, not the stuff hidden at the back of the sideboard. Had the Xmas Carols playing down at my school today and they never fail to stir me.
Been all rush-a-go-go these past few weeks and I have a lot of work on this weekend then I am in the home stretch.
Have to go out and buy SOME of the stuff written on the chicklets’ extensive lists.
Radio controlled anything seems popular, Wii of course, haven’t made my mind up yet about that. A long list of essential DS software, see if they have the DS, they really don’t need the Wii, do they?
Books, sketch pads, enamel bags, skiing gloves. Sunshine has not yet submitted a list, but whatever is on it I am sure I can’t afford it, considering she recently paid 8,000 yen for what appear to be a pair of sweatpants.

Hey ho!! It’s always exciting anyway. I shall go shopping next Thursday with Uncle Brick, who knows what I’ll bring back.

One thought on “Oh Falalalala!

  1. Mine don’t have the DS stuff (YET!), but we have a Wii. It is only used on the weekends. As Mom, I find it most useful as a thing to take away as punishment for some crime. Okay, mostly I have only grounded DH from it, but still….
    Also it is great at created fun family time together. Okay, fights mostly, but still….

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