Kev and the Piano.

Kev has taken to the piano. Just the one song.
All day, every day.
“Mama are you listening?”
” Yes, my love.” There is nowhere in the house you can NOT hear.
He said he wanted lessons, so I said I would ask my student who is a piano teacher.
He said, ” I don’t want to use the proper fingers, I only want to do this song and I don’t want to sing.”
I said, ” I’ll mention all that.”
He said ” I’ll interview her.”
And he did. He laid down his terms and conditions and then agreed to LET her teach him.
The Xmas hols start on Monday so Fur Elise, morning, noon and night I guess.

One thought on “Kev and the Piano.

  1. This is adorable. Maybe he can create a utube! I would love to hear it.

    I am a piano teacher and write about music education and many piano things. You may enjoy my site.

    I also love Japan! My son was a rotary exchange student in Nagasaki last year and we visited Toyko, Nara, Gora, Kyoto and Nagasaki. I truly want to return.

    I also love the Glass Castle! It is my favorite book.

    Enjoy. Hope for future chats. So much to talk about!

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