The Last Day

Here it is, upon us already, the last day of the school term. The chicklets are sucking back brekkers as I type.
It’s pouring with rain and they finish at 11.15.
I love the Christmas holiday, because it’s only a few weeks long it’s so much easier to say ‘to heck’ with everything and let everyone do what they want and have marathon dvd watching days, and endless games of Monopoly.
We are loving SMART GAMES too. We have a few that were sent from our second family in Vancouver and I was thrilled to find a whole load more in our local neighbourhood Toys R Us.
SMART GAMES are puzzles, they are compact and easy to carry but not so small they are instantly lost under the car seat. ( Like a library book I could mention). They are games of logic so obviously I start at a disadvantage but I can still manage the ‘starter’ section of most of them.
I will have a new heater installed in my school this morning and tie up a few loose ends, then my good friend ‘Roren’ is coming over to hang out with us,( probably playing Smart Games) I think it might be ramen for lunch!
Always a crowd pleaser.
Then we have Grease, Dirty Dancing, Liar Liar and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off lined up for our viewing pleasure.
Not traditional Christmas films I know, but the last two years they have watched the ‘Chuckie’ films and I can’t take another Christmas with ‘Chuckie’.
So here’s to two wonderful weeks of chaotic family fun, no screaming banshee Mama, siblings loving each other, would duets at the piano be asking too much?
That’s my Christmas wish.

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