Oh Christmas Eve

It is here already, I am up bright and early, unfortunately getting Sunshine off to school for intense science lessons, because that’s what matters most at Christmas.
The ice has thawed and once more she speaks to me.
Today, the out-laws will decend for turkey and all that goes with that.
I shall have my brisk morning walk followed by a last minute mad dash around the local department store.
Liar Liar was a huge hit with the tinies last night and everybody likes me again right now.

The turkey is out in the porch soaking in brine. This is the first time I have tried this brining business that appears to be all the rage across the globe so I am a little nervous, especially since this method was recommended to me by my dear dear, vegetarian, non-cooking friend.
Hopefully pictures will follow. The daughter is bringing her current ‘love interest’ to eat with us too. So how fabulous for him, how comfortable will he feel that his first experience of a ‘real’ western style Xmas is with the gal he loves and he gets to meet her Dad and Grandparents for the first time too.
I am sure it will all be scenes straight from a Steve Martin film.

Other, younger chicklets are excited, though they are making outrageous claims denying the existence of Santa and that whole , if you don’t belive you’ll get nothing track is not working out too well.
Could this, already, be our last year of belief in the magic of Xmas?
How sad that will be. Then again isn’t it easier to just say, ‘no I can’t afford to buy you that for Christmas’ ??
rather than claiming pending complex negotiations with Santa and his entourage.

Hope ther eis time to pop back in with news. If not, be well one and all, have a very merry Christmas, now I need to hear Harry Belafonte sing ‘Scarlet Ribbons’.

One thought on “Oh Christmas Eve

  1. Good luck with the turkey. I couldn’t be bothered. We had roast beef and crab.

    I emailed Santa and he agreed to come on the night of the 22nd so Daddy could be home for the big opening of presents on the 23rd. Aren’t we special? LOL!

    Merry Christmas.

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