More New Year.

We swung by a friend’s house to make mochi. we go there every year I blogged about it last year too.
I love that she does it with the whole family, relatives drop by throughout the day to join in and four generations live together so it’s quite a gathering and I appreciate her always including us.
Yesterday Jim was quite able to pound the rice with the big hammer, when we first joined in four years ago, he could barely pick the hammer up.

Mochi made, they bagged it up for people to take home and we all took loads of photos.

Then the chicklets and I went down to my school for the big annual clean-up, put all the Xmas stuff away,washed all the windows inside and out, vacuumed, aired all the rooms out etc. Decorated the window with some cow pix for the coming Year of the Cow.
Got a phone call from mochi friend to say we had left the mochi and my camera there so swung by to pick that up. Then went to Uncle Brick’s to wish them a Happy New Year and pick up some 30Rock dvds.
Absolutely starving and in no mood to cook, took chicklets out to eat. Got a phone call from Uncle Brick to say we had left the dvds and Doris’ bag there, so flew back up there to pick them up.

Finally got home at about 8pm, exhausted. Watched some House season 4, which is excellent! Way better than season 3 was.
Almost ready for the New Year.

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