Back To Real Life.

The holidays are officially over for us.
The chicklets don’t go back to school until wednesday but myself and The Man have work from today. For me, only a couple of hours with the tinies’ classes, The Man, on the other hand left at 5.30 a.m. and wont be back till tonight.
The chicklets will frantically finish all their homework, ( I hope).

Walking begins again. We have not been doing our usual walking since Jan 1st, though the whole hatsumode business takes quite a lot of walking. On Jan 1st we went to Nozaki Jinja, it’s quite a walk from the Out-Laws’ house and then 192 steps up the hill. My father-in law, 74 years old and managed it without breaking a sweat. I, on the other hand, was so hot, I was shedding clothes like a Vegas call girl. So there has been exercise, not total slothdom, but it’ll be good to get back in the groove.
Tomorrow is Kev’s birthday. we have let him live for 10 years, where is my parade?
He wants an electric piano.
Piano teachers here, I don’t know about anywhere else, frown upon electric keyboards, but if they are going to suggest the amount of practice that they do we NEED access to an intrument with volume control and headphone capability. I can probably just about play Fur Elise myself now.
We are having quite a few visitors this year, and I know they read this, I just want to say, I kid you not about this piano playing malarkey.

One thought on “Back To Real Life.

  1. Happy Birthday to Kev.

    Teachers here, of any kind, frown on everything, no? I say to heck with the teacher. Get him the keyboard, some headphones to use with it, and save yourself while you still can! I mean who will pay the piano teachers tuition fee if you are driven to jump off a bridge?

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