Getting Squeaky Clean/People You Don’t want to be Naked With.

All done and dusted. An excellent holiday season though with no major meltdowns and not *too* much excess!
We always spend New Year’s ( Oshougatsu) with the Out-Laws in Osaka, so we started off on new Yera’s Eve, by really letting our hair down, going wild in the country! We went for an onsen bath. Looks like we weren’t the only ones who wanted to start the celebrations with shiny clean bottoms, it was packed.
The bath we recently started going to, is a good one with lots of big ofuros, a jet bath, sauna, steam room, outdoor baths, and the aroma bath was blueberry.
Sunshine feels she is waaay to old to get naked with her mother so it was just Doris and I in the women’s section and The Man toook Jim and Kev with him.
It was wonderful and relaxing and warm, that is until, strutting around buck naked I bumped into some of my students!!
Then just as I was trying to make a graceful exit I bumped into the woman who crashed her car into my husband’s just last week and she felt the need to make a lengthy apology as I stood in all my glory trying to suck my stomach in for what felt like a very long time.
Almost as much fun as when I went for a mammogram and the doctor was the father of a boy in Jim’s class.
Oh the fun never ends!
Anyway all squeaky clean, the kids ate in the restaurant while The Man and I got a massage.
Clean and relaxed we headed off to Osaka for the festivities.

2 thoughts on “Getting Squeaky Clean/People You Don’t want to be Naked With.

  1. This is very funny! I enjoyed the Japanese onsens very much, but never thought of the possibility of bumping into students! Since I am from America, I only knew the people I went to the onsen with and was comfortable with them. I see how it could present some uncomfortable encounters.

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