The Power of Manifesting is not to be Sniffed At.

So, on December 10th I blogged that I hoped to travel in this year, that I hoped through LOA to manifest oodles of cash for various visits, trips, travels ,if you will.
One being to Boston Mass. I put ‘Mass’ because I am not sure how to spell it in full. For my non American readership it is a place in the U.S. of A, where a dear and special friend of mine resides.
So I hoped that I could perhaps manage to finally finally visit her and her family.
And the Universe delivers. I am not actually going to Boston ‘Mass’ but even better I am going to meet said friend in Washington, that’s Washington D.C. where they have that old white house place that Mr Barack Obama is moving into.
And low and behold I shall be there in that same city for the inauguration of said Mr. Obama.
So I am travelling, having a break from Japan, seeing great friends and watching history being made, can it get any better?

2 thoughts on “The Power of Manifesting is not to be Sniffed At.

  1. I don’t think anyone outside of Mass. can spell Mass. Maybe not even all the ones inside Mass. That is why we created “Mass.”

    Have fun in DC. It is a neat place to visit. Tell the new Prez “hey!” for me.

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