Everything’s going my way….”

Nothing to blog about, things are too good right now.
Work: Excellent, ejoyable, challenging, and profitable.
Kids : No one is fighting , everyone likes me. In fact, On Sunday when we, that is Sunshine , doris and myself were watching ‘ Brothers and Sisters’, we noticed how like Kitty Sunshine can be, and then they said that I, that’s me, am just like Nora. I am not sure that they meant it as a compliment, but I LOVE Nora, I so want to be Nora, so I took it as one.
Trip : All is well, I have my tickets, I have become a grown up and bought insurance!! I have registered with ESTA for permission to fly to the States ( this does not guarantee I will be admitted), but as of Jan 12th all visitors travelling under VWP have to register their intention to visit, online. Done. I have my re-entry visa for Japan, because though I have been here almost 19 years and have a permanent residents visa, I still need a visa to get back in again! The office is at the arse end of the Universe, I went, I applied, visa granted, all over in 5 minutes ( and 6,000 yen of course).
The gifts to take have been purchased. PSP loaded with films is at my disposal for the duration. Warm wether gear sorted.
See nothing to blog about. Nothing is misbehaving. Not me, not the kids, not Japan, not the Universe.
Twas suggested to me I start a new blog to cover the trip called Miss Obamanation, catchy I think.

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