Off To See Mr O.

I am leaving in the morning, so this will be my last post pre trip.
Can’t wait but though I crave a day off or two from my chicklets, I know from past experience I will be a bawling wreck by day 3. I just don’t function well without them, I feel lost when there is no little hand in mine. No sleepy pyjama kisses for nearly a week.

On the plus side, I will see old and very dear friends, one of who I have not seen in 15 years. I will meet new friends, family of the old ones, who already by email seem wonderful. Someone who doesn’t know me from Adam is going to drive a long way to pick me up at the airport, it’s wonderful.
I may or may not get a glimpse of Mr Obama in the flesh. If I actually see him, if I can actually meet him, if I can actually shake his hand I will say…
‘Please change the next inauguration to a warmer time of the year’.
Surely it is purely historic that it’s in January, there isn’t any practical reason is there?
Why not move it to September? Or some other month that would have good warm weather.
I have bought enough thermal underwear to visit the Arctic Circle. Pocket warmers, hot pads, I have it all.
If you are watching on TV I am the one in the bright green Lulu Lemon hooded sweatshort waving my Obama washrag, made by the queen of yarn and thread and all things makeable, the lovely Jan in Nagasaki.

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