Phase 1: Reconnaisance.

So there we all are, 13 people, altogether, benefiting from the wonderful hospitality of Nicky and Paulo, who took me in like one of their own for the duration. To quote my very own Doris, ‘ they loved me’.
Monday was meant to be The Holocaust Museum followed by a reconnaisance mission around the Mall or is it The Mall, not sure.
The Holocaust Museum was out as everyone else who was just in D.C. for the Inauguration had the same plan.
The queue had strategically placed signs saying ‘ if you are here you’ll be waiting 30 mins’ , ‘if you are here 60…’ etc,
the queue was so long it might as well have said, ‘please pitch a tent’.
So we decided we would do that Wednesday instead and off we went to scope out the area and decide where we would head for on Tuesday.
My friends, one old ( an old friend that is) and one new, showed me the sites, the monument, this memorial, that memorial, we saw the Vets wall and The Reflecting Pond, none of it made a lot of sense until it was pointed out this is where Forest Gump stood and this is the pool Jenny ran through, okay gotcha now.

The atmosphere was very friendly, quite a lot of people there but not packed.
We met ANTHONY and CORY, who had made these fabulous tote bags, they say
President Barack Obama
January 20th 2009,
with a picture of Obama on . They had silk screen printed them, they are gorgeous and I bought some to bring back and Anthony kindly gave me a freebie for coming all the way from Japan. They were a lovely couple and I hope somehow they are reading this and know how happy we were with them. In fact further along a number of people
asked us where we had got them, so I am sure they sold out in a jiffy.

The Jumbotrons were showing the concert from the night before, so we were able to catch a little Bono and we were right in front of one when Denzel himself was on, which was pretty cool and added to the whole, ‘I can’t believe I am really here’ space I was in.

It was quite cold but not too bad, we then hooked up with more of our group and went to check out a boat in the marina where we would be able to stay that night, what luck only a 15 minute walk to The Mall in the morning,
Talk about everything just coming together.

Then we headed back to basecamp where The sensational Paulo was preparing tons and tons of pizzas for us.
They were absolutely delicious and he was quite rightly the Hero of the Hour.
Thank you Paulo.

Best quote of the day.
Full and happy we began Phase 2.

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