Phase 2: The Boat People Move Out

So the plan to leave for the boat at 8 got moved along to about 10 ish and full of pizza the boat people, and I was one of them, moved out to the marina, meaning in the morning rush there would be less people trying to get out of the house on time.
Nicky and Paulo drove us to the marina, there were five of us staying there, Nicky and Paulo’s lovely daughters, my friend Lana and her fabulously hip and trendy daughter.
The younger girls went off to sleep pretty quickly.
We managed to catch some of the concert again, yes this boat had cable tv, I mean I couldn’t invent if I tried.
Then we watched some of a Tommy Lee Jones film, before thinking it might be wise to actually get some sleep.
I was still spacey and jet lagged and didn’t sleep much so I got into the marina rhythm, helicopters, sirens, water pump cachunk cachunk cachunk, spill out water, feels like engine is starting, boat is moving ( enter Jack bauer)
stop, silence, gentle sway of boat, annnnd, helicopters, siren, water pump cachunk cachunk cachunk….
Still spinning out, how did I get here? with these great people? On a boat? The day before the Inauguration, I am not even American???

Tomorrow the big day and phase 3: meeting at the metro/finding a spot.

After a while it was all very soothing

4 thoughts on “Phase 2: The Boat People Move Out

  1. LMAO Yeah that’s it, that’s what it was called.
    Ditoh are you busy this weekend? I need you? I can’t settle down.
    I am missing Lana and Nicky and Paulo and everyone in a really profound, primal way, I need you to re-ground me. Only you can do it.
    can you come??? Go on …I’ll be your best friend… LOL xxxx

  2. I really want to hop on a plane right now but I have plans this weekend and next-I won’t be available until the 14th . (It’s Princessella’s bday so there’s lots going on).

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