Getting Back

There is a load more about my trip I want to blog about but since getting back I have gone down with
a cold, the good news is it isn’t The Flu that is closing our local schools. Apparently this year’s strain is especially nasty.
I can’t seem to sleep it off, am waking at dawn’s first crack and puddling through my day.
Lots of work to catch up on, my house is trashed of course and I can’t seem to find the energy to get in the game.
Still the chicklets are in tip top health .
Yesterday I had to work a lot but not today, so if I have to spend the day on the sofa catching up on TV I missed, well so be it.

5 thoughts on “Getting Back

  1. Hey Catriona, I got the cold too 😦 I’m just getting over it now. Fortunately I lived phase 3!! ha ha It snowed today and the girls had off school but I did not. Hoping for a day off tomorrow, we’ll see. xoxoxo

  2. Yeah! And Aura’s great hat, and Sister Laura and Lovely Lana’s long hair.

    Hope you can get a day off tomorrow. I only have one class today so I am
    folding laundry, watching TV and eating toast and vegemite.
    If I could be fagged to get dressed I would go out for tempura udon.
    xxx miss you xxxxxxx

  3. I get the day off today πŸ™‚ the girls too. Poor Paulo has to go to work. I am looking forward to lingering over the newspaper although I do have to do a little work also. But hopefully we’ll get L some new boots today & maybe lunch out in downtown Silver Spring…Miss you, too! xoxo Nicky

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