What’s with Moths?

I will get to phase three but first, what’s with moths? I was just thinking today after seeing one that it must really suck to be a moth. If someone held a gun to my head and said ‘ you must be an insect or winged creature’, the moth would be my last choice.
It’s like they are just ugly butterflies, and what is a butterfly without it’s beauty?
It’s not like butterflies bring anything special to the table is it? They don’t eat the rats or create oxygen, there is, to the best of our knowledge, no cure for cancer in butterflies, all they have really got going for them is their looks. We can enjoy looking at their pretty wings, we can marvel at the symmetry, ( if it is one of the symmetrical ones, if it isn’t we can’t even do that, well we could but we’d be wrong and we’d look stupid).
We can wonder how nature came up with such amazing colours.
But moths? Moths have nothing do they?
No fancy colours, and no skill set.
It’s sad really.
I wouldn’t want to be a moth.

9 thoughts on “What’s with Moths?

  1. yah. you have many good points.

    being a moth really could suck.

    however, at this point , I think I should bring up SILK. which we have the moths to thank for. So , perhaps the silk lovers would not be able to agree with you completely.


  2. pollinators? pollinators? Is that a skill? doesn’t it mean it jumps around flowers with sticky stuff on it’s legs?? I could do that.
    Can you give me a list of five famous pollinators? 😉

  3. Okay, I’ll grant you, pollinating is not exactly a skill. But! It is important in the grand scheme of things, like this says: http://www.hiltonpond.org/ThisWeek031008.html

    Take particular note (fans of food!) the following sentence: “on average–one in every three bites of food we humans take comes courtesy of an animal pollinator.”

    I think the mosquito would be my last choice 😉

  4. How right you are Domilong, I am seriously considering upgrading my opinion of the uselessness of moths.

    Yes, a mosquito’s life is non too glamourous, though on the plus side you do get to bite people which could be fun.
    Or you could be the uber mosquito that comes out at the beginning of March and somehow survives until the end of November. There is always one, no reason why it couldn’t be you. 😉

  5. this confirms it…i’ve held the hypothesis that moths are the underdog…and this confirms it.

    they flit around my garden..big black moths. really, i have been thinking about moths a lot too…

    vegans don’t do silk because they control the temperatures to make the worms produce more and faster. raw silk means it is done naturally.

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