Clever Jim.

Jim comes home waving a mini catalogue. I know it is going to cost me money.
For 3rd grade,which he’ll start in April, he needs a calligraphy set. No he can’t use his brother’s on different days, it is essential he have one of his own, all his own, no sharing permitted.
For the uninitiated, it’s a canvas or vinyl or plasticky carrying case for all the brushes and ink and stuff they need so they are fully equipped to spill ink all over themselves. Ink, I might add that does not wash out of clothes, and stains sinks, floors and ceilings should you attempt to wash it out.
So he has chosen the dark blue one with the dragons on. I have a look, I say.
‘Ye Gods son, it’s 30 quid.’
” Cheap” says he.
‘ Not cheap,’ say I, ‘ how about this pale blue one with no picture on, it’s only 20 quid’.
He says, ‘ but its got a zip on it, the zip’ll break easily’.
I say’ ‘So has the dragon one, look, it has a zip across the top.’
He looks closely, he barely skipped a beat before he said,
‘ The dragon one’s zip is stronger, that’s what they use the extra money for, strong zips’.

4 thoughts on “Clever Jim.

  1. my son did something very interesting on his own ….. he picked out a sewing kit (with a dragon, or something similar) and I paid the CHEAP-O price and he paid the extra FROM HIS OWN MONEY. … He got the one he wanted and everyone was happy. He is still using it in jr. high and still likes his dragon…

  2. How much is 30 quid? Our school had several different cases, including one with a dragon but they were all the same price-about 4000yen.

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