A Weird Winter

It is 8.30 a.m. and already gloriously sunny. I am sure it’s quite chilly out there but it is a weird winter.
We had some early flurries of snow but nothing stuck back at the end of December beginning of January and since then it really hasn’t been too ‘wintery’.
I think we’ll get another brief cold spell but usually February is the coldest month, with us all stuck in doors fighting over Uno.

The plum tree already has some buds, and I hope I get a bumper crop for pickling.

Nothing at all to report over here, too early in the day I suppose, the shit doesn’t truly hit the fan until everyone is up.
Right now it’s just me and Kev and he is happy as Larry watching cartoons and eating rice with curried flavoured ‘bits’
on it.
Last night was good except I had to send Kev off to bed a little early for his own safety.
We had a fabulous spread for dinner in front of the TV and watched American Idol, Doris has already picked her winners.
She loves the auditions more than the actual show. I like the auditions enough but after a few hours it gets a bit boring.
I’ll watch it all, because I believe it is my civic duty, but I am not usually hooked until about the Top 10.

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