The Emotional Setpoint

Working on this with help from my dear friend Aura. The list in the LOA book doesn’t really suit me so she suggested I make my own as she did.
I now believe that my bottom line, my ’22’ would be ‘unbridled rage’.
So ’21’ has just got to be one step up from that, how hard can that be.
Strangely having unleashed my rage upon The Man, citing crimes and misdemeanors I had no idea existed, I really feel a whole lot better, lighter, freer, less encumbered, I think I should go weigh myself.
I should make this a regular thing.
Perhaps my whole, hitherto, ‘suck it up’ strategy of life really hasn’t worked for me.
Maybe I need to ‘let it out’ more.
I’ll work on it.

2 thoughts on “The Emotional Setpoint

  1. Tell me more. Is 100 fine and the lower you go the more angry you are? Did you unleash yourself in front of The Man or was it just an internal unleashing?

  2. It goes from 1-22.
    22 is your worst feeling, worst emotion, 1 your best.
    You put them in order and try to reach for the next best feeling.
    There is one laid out in the book, but my friend suggested making your own as
    each one is not the same for everyone.
    It is good and quite surprising when you start looking at your own.

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