Graduation Looming

So Doris’ sankan was an unexpected treat.
The 6th graders are nearly finished now, they graduate on March 19th and then it’s the thrill of Junior High School.
So yesterday it was the whole of the 6th grade in the gym giving us a great musical performance.
No Fur Elise within a five mile radius, don’t know what it was but the final piece was very moving and I, I who never cry, did have a bit of a lump in my throat, may have just been a bit of left over toast.

Then each student said something, mostly along the lines of how great primary school has been, or how they hope to keep their friendships in the new school. 95 percent of the kids will go on to the local JHS, the others took entrance exams and got in to private schools.
They all started with, ” In JHS I hope to……”
The boys seemed to opt for ‘play baseball’, or ‘play soccer’ or ‘study hard’, the girls focused more on family and friendships. One boy I didn’t catch was a bit of a mumbler but if I were him I’d have said,
” In JHS I hope my Mum stops cutting my hair”, cos it was baaaad, a very bad home cut.

Looking at all their eager faces I was struck by the thought that my daughter has spent 6 years with these children
and yet I would swear that the majority of them, I have never seen before in my life. I could probably name 6 kids out of the 100 present.
I always thought I was very good with faces, I suppose that’s another thing I was wrong about.

2 thoughts on “Graduation Looming

  1. Do you have a kid finishing 小学校 (Elem School)?

    This Spring, my youngest finishes Elem School and starts Jr High…and my oldest finishes Jr High to start High School.

    Two 卒業式 (graduations) and two 入学式 (Opening ceremonies)! Busy!

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