Hey Baby It’s The Telephone Man.

Except it isn’t, he is no more, NTT has gone, no longer exists apparently. Which is a problem for me because it is NTT who have cut our phone off, and NTT who we have to pay and NTT who have to turn it back on.

I wont go into the boring details of a certain teenager who ran up a mamouth landline bill because we curbed usage of the cell phone after mamouth cell phone bills. I will not translate into minutes how long she must have spent talking to the boyfriend while we slept, to have racked up this bill, because it doesn’t matter, I am so over arguing about phone bills with her.
White flag waving, I surrender. I stand defeated.

BUT how the Hell am I supposed to get my phone turned back on?
I called the free-dial NTT number for about 3 days and got a continuous busy signal. All I wanted was to find out where our local NTT office is so I could take time out of my busy miso making schedule to pay it.

Someone told me there is one near Justco, our local mega store ( that is also closing down in 5 days. what recession?)
So off we went. I found it, but it was closed, it actually had a sign in the window saying ‘ close’, if I could contact them I would point out their error. Next door is DoCoMo the cell phone shop. Now somewhere along the line, NTT and DoCoMo
teamed up and both names appear on the bill envelope.
So they’ll know. Right?
Wrong! They don’t know. I cannot pay the bill there, they do not know where the nearest NTT office is, but they can give me a free-dial number.
Thanks, you’ve been a big help.

So my morning entirely wasted I get home to find The Man, has been online and found out that NTT no longer exists, it now all belongs to DoCoMo, just DoCoMo, not NTT DoCoMo.
So how come the DoCoMo people couldn’t take my money, couldn’t tell me that, could not explain that NTT no longer exists.
So to pay our bill, it says we have to call the free-dial number and have them send another bar-coded bill so we can pay for our daughter’s love life at the frickin 7/11.

If I didn’t have relatives overseas I would just nix that damn landline.

8 thoughts on “Hey Baby It’s The Telephone Man.

  1. there are 4 blog posts above which are related to your post… the fourth one is this…

    “teenager sends over 14000 text messages in one month.”

    isn’t that a hoot???

    relatives overseas, and me.

  2. Yes you Jan, you are indeed high on my list of reasons why I need a landline.

    Steve, you just don’t understand, I too didn’t, but I have learned and it was steep curve.
    They are IN LOVE, like REAL love, there has been and can be no other love like this. They invented LOVE. All LOVE begins and ends with them, they MUST be in
    virtual constant contact with each other, to share each and every fleeting, random thought that floats through their hormone addled minds.
    Tis sad, they pity us , we who have no experience of such a LOVE.

    This daughter who, aside from driving us to bankruptcy, is a spectaular person, going to a top high school, hopefully graduating speaking 3 languages, is now wondering whether to get married at 20 and have their first baby at 21 or to ‘wait’ and get married at 22 and have the baby at 23.

    Oh that they were back at the breast and I had ‘some’ control!!
    (Oh I know, I doubt it’ll last, I may be a teeny tiny bit jealous 😉 When I was her age I would have died for Phillip something or other.

  3. If you come visit, I know where two NTT/Docomo offices are that you could pay your bill at.
    Hide that phone once it gets turned back on.

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