A Stella Day.

It was stellar with Stella. We had great coffees and chatted a blue streak, like we’d known each other half our lives. Must do it again SOON.

Came home, someone has had their phone confiscated ( again) and I am not mentioning any names, but she isn’t speaking to me, and I will enjoy the temporary silence, one less person speaking to me at the same time, is quite a gift, a splendid gift for a beloved mother, you should all be so loved ;).
And Jim, Jim, who has new found skipping skills, can cross the ropes and speed skip, and cross ropes and speed skip backwards, and its fab and I am dead impressed but if he says ‘look’ one more time today I will eat razor blades.
Kev must have had either a Stella day or a stellar day too, I got a hug AND a kiss, or maybe he is working up to asking to watch the Doraemon special tonight. We shall see.

Doris is preparing to kick the crap out of people at Tae Kwon Dou, it’s a lovely sport.
Uncle Brick is back from toiling in the Middle East, and he popped in for coffee with his fine young son, who is quite the demolition expert these days.
All is well really, as it should be, and thanks again Stella.

3 thoughts on “A Stella Day.

  1. oh, jumping rope. It’s all the rage at school these days. Yesterday for the moms, the desks were moved out and little groups of kids showed off their skills. The boys seem to do better than the girls. The highlight(s) of the show were the kids who can double jump…. 20 or 30 times in a row!!!!!! Like mexican jumping beans and energizer bunnies they just keep right on going!!!

    don’t you wish you had all that energy….. one..you would be in better shape and two, you would be much warmer…. and three…. probably get quite an endorphin high from all that jumping!!!

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