When Girls Get Together.

It’s always fun to get together with the gal pals.
I’m fortunate I have a great bunch of friends that I hook up with at least once a week. One of my friends lives next door and we do our morning walk together.
Someone asked me recently ” what do you talk about with your Japanese gals?”
What don’t we talk about?
Most of the time we talk about our kids. Mrs A and Mrs T both have a daughter Kev’s age. Mrs F has a son Doris’ age
and there a couple more a year below or a year above one of mine, so lots to talk about on the kid front.
We mostly go to the same school, know the same people etc and 3 of us are the same age, Mrs T is 10 years younger.

We’ve pretty much covered nursery schools, and childbirth and raising boys V. raising girls.
we talk food and money, TV and films, and how in recent years we’ve all had a few close calls on getting to the loo in time.
Yesterday morning, Mrs F. was telling us about her son, and how he had broken his finger. which led us to discuss the pros and cons of various hospitals in the area, and how a definite pro for the new hospital would be the incredibly attractive Dr Kim and how disappointing it was that said son had a fracture, not a drop of blood in sight, wrong department to drool over the lovely Dr. Kim, and would it be really really wrong to inflict a very minor flesh wound on your child so you could take him to the good Doc, probably, there is probably a bona fide syndrome for the mother that would do that.
We discussed the Doc a while, his lovely face and voice, his great style of dress, his fabulous car, and then Mrs T mentioned that she had heard that despite all this he is not even married.
At which point we got very excited, almost jumping up and down grilling her, ‘really? who told you? How do you know?’ As if this possible absence of a wife would suddenly render him available as a play thing for us, a motley gaggle of peri-menopausal lunatics.
Then we finished our coffee and I went to meet Stella.

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