An Anime Emergency and A First Train Ride.

I was at work today when I got a sudden and urgent phonecall from Kevvers.
I wasn’t actually teaching today, Sundays are usually off, but with the school year ending I had a load of cleaning up and sorting out to do.
Things, which had I done any planning aforethought, I would have had myself four fit and competent children to help me with.
So I was toiling alone when the call came through.
Young Kev says he has to come to my school, he has to come right now, it’s an emergency.
I asked, pray tell, what cannot wait?
He says he has to enter an anime competition and he needs some blank white postcards.
I say, I haven’t got any.
He says they’re in the 3rd drawer down of my desk, he saw them when he was looking to steal my stapler for the ill-fated laser beam construction project.

When he wins this competition, he’ll get a bazillion pounds, transforming our current impoverished lives, where we can barely afford to keep the kids in new software for the games.
So I tell him to come on down, who am I to stand in the way of artistic genius and a shedload of money, come on son, run, run!
Then he says he thinks he’ll take the train.
He has never taken a train on his own before so I was understandably apprehensive about this part of the plan.
He said he’ll ask his Dad and Sunshine how to get on the train and I should come to the station near the school and meet him.
So he did. He got the instructions, and strolled off down to our local station, which for a beginner is not that easy to fathom, there are four separate lines.
Got himself a ticket, got on the train and off at the right station.
Little did he know that Sunshine had hung behind him to make sure he got on and then called me to tell me.
So he arrived, bursting at the seams with ideas for his anime competition and carrying a rucksack with his entire collection of ‘Reborn’ in it. ( 18 books!)
He was pretty pleased with himself but determinded not to show it, and no he didn’t want a congratulatory hug right there in front of the station where people might be watching, he just wanted to get to those damn postcards, asap, walking a few steps behind me like he was worried about catching something, scuffing his new shoes.
He did good, I’m proud of him, and I can’t wait till the cash comes flowing in…..

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