A New Osmond.

It’s no secret I love The Osmonds and now a new Osmond is trying his hand on American Idol.
May I remind my international readership that we are a few weeks behind the US, so if he didn’t survive ‘Hollywood Week’ don’t tell me, don’t want to know.
David, son of Alan, the eldest of the singing group, ( but not the eldest brother) auditioned and got a golden ticket.
He was auditioning in Salt Lake City, so the chances of an Osmond popping up somewhere, even if it was just in the queue for the loos, was pretty high. when they asked him if he was related to THE Osmonds, he said ‘ One of millions’
he never mentioned he was indeed son of Alan who was waiting just outside the door.
He also did not mention both his and his father’s battle against MS which was classy!
I can’t wait to see how he does.
If he does well, where will all his relatives sit? I don’t think the Kodak can handle them all, maybe The Dorothy Chandler Pavillion? Maybe they’ll have to build a whole new ‘Osmond’ theatre, come to think of it, why isn’t there an Osmond theatre? They deserve a theatre in their name.
It’ll be great if during the theme week sections they have an “Osmond’ week.
The auditions are done now, next Sunday here in rainy Japan is ‘Hollywood Week’, can’t wait.
The world needs more Osmonds, spreading the love, showing their perfect white teeth.
Japan gals, your comments are most welcome, but no cheating!!! Keep it clean girls.

10 thoughts on “A New Osmond.

  1. I actually like the Osmonds too, despite my love of nasty gangsta rap songs. LOL!

    I haven’t been able to watch the AI I have recorded yet so thanks for the info. I hope he does well.

    You and I like the same thing? Is it snowing in h*ll? LOL!

    I may have to give Mama Mia a try after all. 🙂

  2. They do have their own theater! It’s one of the many shows in Branson, Missouri. But I checked, and although the brothers have been on a world tour, they plan to return to a schedule of daily shows at their theater later this year. Planning another USA trip? 😉

    • What? What? Why are you telling me this now? Where is Brandon, Missouri??
      I bet there somewhere I could go and see where Elvis used to live too isn’t there, or a whole town devoted to country music…jeez, and I have just been…….;)

  3. i used to play ‘The Osmonds’ when i was little. Given my desire for the limelight at an early age i managed to be 4 of the 6 brothers all at the same time. I allowed my friend to be Donny and Alan as i felt Donny’s teeth were too large and Alan was too fat. Shallow moi ?

    • Withering, I was Les of course, but I was Head Girl, I could settle for nothing less. Also if you get a chance read a book called Bye Bye Baby, it’s about one fans obsession with the BCR, I was given it by the lovely Flaming Nora ( see blogroll) , it’s a great laugh.

  4. When I was a young nipper I wanted to be Donny Osmond. I saw a cartoon of them and the character appealed to me for some reason. I still own stories that I wrote where I was Donny Osmond and a had a gang of superheroes who I fought crime with – Han Solo, Charlies Angels and even Abba were all members of my gang. By comparison adulthood has been very disappointing.

    • Sorry Silsetto but I am lmao, I bet those stories are great and yes adulthood
      is disappointing in so very many ways.
      My daughter said a few years back that she can’t wait to be ‘a grown-up’ then she can drink coke whenever she wants. I didn’t want to tell her that what you lose and what you get out of adulthood is not a very fair trade.

  5. I think that , indeed, Branson, is indeed an official country music town. My parents did a country music week thing and went there… for country music, like officially…

    Did anyone have the album “CRAZY HORSES” (by the osmonds…) when they were a bit older and during their “ROCK” years….. I would crank that one and sing along….(should have said DOES… because, indeed I still have the album , along with Bobby Sherman, Godspell and lots of Ike and Tina Turner…)

    They are indeed a classy family, managing to stay in popularity with the masses and not getting into too much trouble. Well, in addition to the 88 temple trek around Shikoku, Everest Base Camp and the Sado Taiko summer jam, I will include a trip to Branson for some country viewing, perhaps including Johnny Cash…

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