All those police shows paid off.

I am at the bottom of the mystery, ‘the mystery of Kev’s joy’, I didn’t even need five find-outers, or a dog or lashings of ginger ale.
His joy, his absolute tangible ecstasy is directly linked to a certain someone visiting from Vancouver who gave him, 12,000 yen to buy a special gift pack of 120 Reborn trading cards, and told him his mother would take him to the mall on Sunday to get them.
Mystery solved, next stop C.S.I, baggie I get Vegas with Grisham, no no no, Miami with Wolf. I like sarah Siddal too.

2 thoughts on “All those police shows paid off.

  1. AHA! So I was right! Those Canadians are sneaky…. I feel like a cheapo cuz I only gave your kids 200yen. I must work harder to buy better gifts for MissB’s kids.

  2. Don’t worry Ditoh it’s a typo, it should say 1200 and I should check things before I post, I just can’t ever be fagged.
    We’re all just sitting around now actually talking about how cheap ditoh is. LOL.

    And yes, those darn Canadians have A LOT to answer for!

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