Back To ‘Normal’.

Obviously I have been a little awol, first my friend came from Vancouver to visit, I haven’t seen her for a couple of years and she really is the sister I never had. Her brother is our Uncle ‘Brick’ who is the brother I always wish my brother would be, oops hope my brother isn’t reading this, if you are, I’m just kidding!! 😉
So it’s one of those weird situations that I couldn’t make up if I tried, my great friend from waaay back when I first came to Japan, who helped me out when I was alone here with a little baby, went back to Canada about 12 years ago.
Then a young woman I was teaching wanted to visit Canada so I set her up as a homestay in my friend’s house, where she met said friend’s brother Uncle Brick, and they got married and now live five minutes away from me.

So she just came to visit us and her brother and her two nephews and it was a great week, lots of laffs and catching up, then our dear Ditoh came for the weekend for further laffs and catching up.

I was struck again by what GREAT friends I have.
It is hard sometimes not being able to see the people you love as often as you’d like, but the times we do get together are spectacular.
It’s only March, and only just March at that and I have already caught up with four fabulous long- time- no- see friends.
This year looks good. Friends in England should maybe start buying the heinz tomato soup.

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