She Taught My Kids To Gamble.

|What kind of person does that?
She teaches them to gamble and then buggers off back to Canada leaving me to run the pot and manage the book!!
The pot is still sitting on the freakin table.
So this year everyone in the house is getting into American Idol, I thought it was fun enough, the girls have watched it with me for a few years but this year suddenly the boys got into it.

Saturday we have our feast in front of the telly, we make our guesses, it was all good, but you-know-who thinks we have to crank it up a bit, teaches the kids how to bet on who stays in who goes home.
She seemed to have some really complicated system of keeping track of points.
Come Sunday night, half way through Hollywood week, the cash is stacked on the table and those boys are not going to calm down till a year past next Christmas.
So I say, ‘ what happens next week when you’re not here?’

She says’ just keep it going, they bet each week, chuck in 100 yen each time and by the end of the season the pot will be huge and the winner takes it all.
A little too much Mamma Mia I think.

So she has returned from whence she came and I am left having conversations like this.

Kev: When do I get the money?

Me: well YOU might not win.

Kev: Why not?

Me: Umm you have to keep guessing all the way to the end.

Kev : What do you mean?

Me: Well next weekend you can guess again, and we’ll add up how many times each of you were right.

Kev: And then I get the money?

Me: No, we’ll write down everyones points until the next week.

Kev: And then I get the money?

Me: No, then we’ll guess every week until the final and the person with the most points will get the money.
( Money I, ME, WATASHI, is putting in very week times 4!!)

Kev: And then I’ll get the money?

Thanks my friend it is going to be a long long season ๐Ÿ™‚

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