Getting Things Done.

It always amazes me how god ( re-reading this, that was a typo, but very telling don’t you think;)
I feel when I get stuff done and wonder why I don’t just DO IT, more often.
Things never take as long to do as I think they will.
I had a FANTASTIC phone conversation with a friend in the US who has recently, drastically altered her life.
Made a courageous change that I think most of would like to do but haven’t got the nerve.

I was feeling all, ” I can do it’ esque and gung ho to take action, move myself, stir my stumps and I remembered, ( possibly prompted by the length of the overseas call) that I hadn’t paid my international phone bill for about 6 months.
I don’t get around to paying it for months on end because it requires so much EFFORT!! or so I think.
I have to find the auto payment card, and my bank card for an account i only use to pay my international phone bill, and of course the cash which you wouldn’t be surprised to learn really racks up after a few months, I’m a bit of a chatty cathy on the phone.
Then I have to hope they’ll be a parking space.
Then I remembered I have to go and pay several months of Doris’ ‘Challenge’ an at home learning course thing she does, which means the dreaded Post Office.
Then also I had to drive over to Osaka and pick up Kev from the out-laws house.
Normally if I had to drive ALL THAT WAY ( 20 minutes) city driving ( really just a town with attitude) on the dual carriageway!!! I would stress about it for several days. I have to drive through a freakin tunnel for God’s sake.

But I was uplifted and energised by my conversation and in an I-Can-Do-It- mood.
So off I went to Osaka, with my heart racing just a teeny tiny bit, managed the tunnel, stuck to the same route I have been taking for the past 10 years and all was well.
On our return I gather the relevent bits together and I was in and out of the bank in under 3 minutes, P.O. same story.
Oh yes, it feels good to get a lot done.
Now dinner to make, a child to teach, a double episode of Cracker and maybe I’ll even write a book by bedtime, so powerful and achieving as I feel.

4 thoughts on “Getting Things Done.

  1. I know what you mean – the dread and the build-up to doing something, especially something that is essentially a chore, are always far worse than the act itself. I’ve just spent a week dreading an essay I have to write for my part time degree course but now that I’ve started it it’s nothing at all.

    A double episode of Cracker is always a good reward – are we talking the Robbie Coltrane version?

  2. Oh yes, the Robbie version.
    I saw it years ago of course but it still stands up.
    There was an unexpected treat too, after the last epsisode there was a ‘making of’ documentary with lots of imput from Jimmy McGovern who is always a treat.

    I did not know that 8 years later they made another ‘special’ the central theme being Iraq and what seeing combat there might do to a person, so I am hoping they show that here too.
    An unseen Cracker is like Xmas in March!!

  3. The special was pretty good – nice to Coltrane back – but I felt it had lost it’s edge a bit. Worth catching though. You have one over on me regarding the documentary – am green with envy!

  4. It was very interesting and Jimmy McGovern talked about how much of himself he put into the characters, not only Fitz but the criminals as well, he really poured his soul into it, and I was a bit envious.
    One disappointment though was Penhaligan wasn’t in it, maybe she was busy, maybe she had nothing to say, but her absence was noticeable.

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