There’s a Kind of Hush….

all over the world…..”
We had a perfect Norman Normal Rockwell morning. Kids up and out on time, giggles over breakfast, kisses galore out the door. Why?
Maybe because I didn’t have to wrestle Kev into clean clothes, didn’t have to drag him to his toothbrush, force feed him breakfast. I didn’t feel the need this mroning to play Jeff Buckley’s ‘ Hallelujah’ the minute the door closed.
Kev’s class has closed down for two days due to pestilence and dis-ease. 12 out of 36 kids have the flu, so no one has to go for a couple of days. Kev of course is fine and dandy not even a runny nose.
So when he said he wanted to go and visit Baa-chan and Jii-chan ( the Grandparents) I did not stand in his way.
I picked up that phone, faster than the Sunshine reaching for the last chocolate and said, ” Call, ask them if you can go over”.
He called, he asked, they said he could.
So he got to spend the night over there, THE ONLY ONE.
See, my kids love to be the only one getting to do something, maybe it’s because there are four of them and chances are few and far between, maybe it’s because they are so attention starved, but they love a chance to be the only one staying somewhere, or doing something or being invited out.
With no siblings to fight with I am 61% sure that Kev wont give them any trouble, he can be an angel when he’s on his own.
Dinner usually reminds me of that TV programme, ( let’s face it EVERYTHING reminds me of a film or TV show I can no longer separate TV from reality but then again these days, what IS the difference), ‘ Danger UXB’, I remember my Mum had a ‘thing’ for Anthony Andrews.
We tiptoe around the ‘bomb’ trying to find the right wire ,which will diffuse all the volatile energy he has. Sometimes we can do it and dinner is a miracle, sometimes we cut the wrong wire and we all take cover from the fallout.
So none of that last night, and The Man had had the day off and had made dinner and we all sat around without fear of an explosion, a nice ‘normal’ ‘can you pass the soy sauce’ please type dinner but there was something missing.
So I will go get the lad today, who hopefully is bathing in the warmth of all that two -on -one attention he’ll have gotten over there, free rein on the telly, fave foods each meal and a relaxing of the DS rules and we’ll be as one again !!
If I don’t have to chuck him from a moving vehicle on the way home;)

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